Truth is more often than not complicated, but the rest of the time we complicate things when they’re plain and simple, and that’s what makes it truly complicated.

It makes you wonder when it’s hard to communicate with people who are close to us, what makes us act like we know people whom we rarely see of. And the answer to that lies in our brains, which is designed for efficiency rather than the truth.

Even the words we use on the daily, they are not accurate. If that was the goal, we’d have to speak exactly as in scholarly articles. That is why by learning the basics of the language, you can overcome most of the challenges on a trip to some place.

But in the end, we do not have to sacrifice efficiency for the truth and vice versa. While being aware that 100% efficiency or truth is out of reach, you put them into context and act according to that. After all, it is no good if you have the truth and your family is not fed, or if you have everything you will ever need but are blind to the simplest of the matters.

trying to learn how to think through writing