The question of whether one should specialize in something or generalize is relevant because, on the one hand, no progress will be made unless you have deep understanding, and on the other hand, things influence each other.

Community is important because by sharing with each other we move forward, and without individuals experiencing the world for themselves, very few things would have been discovered.

This alone must explain why the society needs both kinds of people, and humans themselves need a little bit of both worlds to function better, or to not go crazy.

What God has created is beyond fascinating. Humans are very different from each other, but not to the point where we can’t learn from or understand each other. And every piece of this picture is crucial: introverts and extroverts, verbal and numerical people, jack of all trades and specialists, young and old people… plus there are people who are in between those.

Members of one group experience things>

share it with the members of their and the other group>

discuss it>

come to a resolution>

act according to the resolution>

repeat (in case there’s more, and there’s always more, or the way is not thought to be right).

Many of these things happen simultaneously, and that’s how humanity improves.

trying to learn how to think through writing