Not seeing jobs for what they are on a deeper level is a mistake. Every job is a piece of the puzzle, and they mean something. And not for some feel-good reason but because the importance of them should be stressed.

We affect each other’s lives. Things add up over time and become a huge chunk of our lives. And considering that our lives are designed around our professions, we have a lot to lose by assuming a wrong one or doing things in a faulty manner.

It’s easy to think of only doctors or policemen when giving an example of such things, and those professions are more than crucial, obviously. But just because they are vital doesn’t and shouldn’t mean others have less effect on us. Urban planners, interior designers and alike, for example, are poets or guides, in a sense. Their work, roads, trees, furnishings, guide our thinking in a specific way. And it’s not for a moment, but day in and day out.

One displeasing encounter between human beings may not seem significant, but, boy, leave one annoying half-done work for 20 years and you have one generation of people being annoyed by one more thing.

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