Everything is sunshine and roses on theory. Every way of living, every alternative of products, every form of government, they all are either compelling or has their pros.

Reality is much different. And because it’s the reality we live in, our approach to any of these things are not trivial and have consequences in the long term. Fundamental knowledge needs to be possessed, and it needs to be solid. Unless you want to fuck things up, big time.

You can see how bad it can get by looking at this one simple fact: unemployment might increase when minimum wage is raised. And who benefits from this? Those who are already in the workforce. When employers are not hiring, there are much work to be done for the people who are working. Yet the picture painted by people who believe that minimum wage should be increased is not that.

What happens when you impulsively follow what’s presented without actually learning? Things backfire, and you might not even notice it. The very people you are trying to protect (or claim to protect) might get hurt in the end.

trying to learn how to think through writing